Stuffed mushrooms with seafood or Sausage

$65 per Tray

Stuffed clams

$65 per Tray

Chicken sate with peanut sauce

$65 per Tray

Chicken wings (Hot or barbeque)

$60 per Tray

Teriyaki beef sticks

$90 per Tray

Barbeque shrimp

$100 oer tray

Scallops wrapped in bacon

$120 per tray

Devil eggs

$11 per dozen

Pigs in a blanket

$65 per Tray

Honey baked sausage rounds

$65 per Tray

Sausage & pepper kabobs

$65 per Tray

Spinach and feta in phyllo dough

$105 per Tray

Thai Shrimp with Asian dipping sauce

$110 / tray

Bountiful Board

Assorted meat, cheese and vegetable platter with chips and dip

$95 per platter

Full trays serve 20-25 persons depending on the iteim (half trays available on selected items)