< O'Neil's Sandwich and Coffee Bar Catering Salads

Macaroni or tri color pasta salad

$45 per Tray

Potato salad or Cole slaw

$45 per Tray

Cucumber salad or Green bean salad

$55 per Tray

Spinach salad

$65 per Tray

Greek salad

$65 per Tray

Caesar or garden salad

$60 per Tray

Fresh fruit salad


Shrimp and Seafood Pasta Salad with dill mayonnaise

$125 per Tray

Baby Shrimp and Artichoke Salad

$125 per Tray

Fresh Mozzarella salad

$105 per Tray

Full trays serve 20-25 persons depending on the iteim (half trays available on selected items)